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Compare Breathalysers

Unsure of which breath tester to buy, or the differences between specific models? Check out the breathalyser (also known to some as an alcolizer) comparison tables below for an overview of each model and their differences. We've broken them up into specific categories. If you are buying a breath tester for personal use, compare the personal breath testers side-by-side. If purchasing a workplace alcohol tester, refer to the workplace breathalysers tab or the wall-mounted breathalysers tab. If you have any questions about which is the best breathalyser for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our sales team - we're always happy to help.

How to choose the best breathalyser?

Unsure of what each specification means for you? Here’s a short guide on what to look out for when you buy an alcohol tester. For a more detailed read, check out our guide on how to choose an alcohol breath tester.

If you need help in selecting a breathalyser for personal or workplace use, contact us on 1300 800 200 for assistance and a personalised recommendation over the phone. For workplace use, we can offer corporate or bulk pricing and recommend the best options based on your company size, testing needs, and alcohol testing policy requirements.

Sensor Type
SC – Semiconductor Sensor
SC Pro – Professional Grade Semiconductor Sensor for more reliable readings
FxCell – Fuel Cell Sensor for fast, alcohol-specific BAC readings
FxCell2 – More advanced fuel cell sensor for faster, more stable performance
FxCell3 – Industrial grade fuel cell sensor built for long lasting sensor stability and high volume testing

All Andatech® workplace breathalysers use advanced fuel cell sensors for exceptionally accurate, alcohol-specific results.
The FxCell3 sensor is an industrial grade fuel cell sensor built for long lasting sensor stability and high volume testing.

Breathalyser accuracy range. Semiconductor breathalysers have a wider +/- 0.01%BAC accuracy range whereas fuel cell breathalysers are more precise with a smaller accuracy range of +/- 0.005%BAC.

Able to provide readings in both BAC and BRAC format. However, this may need to be configured by Andatech first before purchase.

How long the breathalyser may last in terms of its battery life and sensor life.

Calibration Frequency
Number of uses before calibration is needed.

Personal breathalysers - We recommend calibration every 6 months on all our personal breath testers, however fuel cell breathalysers typically require calibration after 500 uses, whereas semiconductor breathalysers require this after 200 uses.

Industrial / Workplace breathalysers - We recommend calibration every 6 months on all our breathalysers, even if it can take unlimited tests between calibrations.

Replaceable Sensor
A replaceable sensor means that the alcohol breath tester does not need to be sent back to the calibration centre for calibration. A new sensor can be purchased and replaced into the unit when calibration is due.

Readings in Decimal Places
The number of decimal places provided in a reading e.g. 2 decimal places (0.05%BAC) or 3 decimal places (0.053%BAC).
With a 3 decimal place reading, you get to know more specifically what your breath test result is e.g. 0.041%BAC vs 0.049%BAC, instead of just a 2 decimal place reading which would show up only as 0.04%BAC.

Warm Up Speed
How fast the breathalyser is in terms of its warm up speed, as well as its response time, recycle time, and passive test (fast mode) function.

Australian Standards AS3547 Certification
Yes – Breathalyser is certified to Australian Standards AS3547
Having an Australian Standards AS3547 Certification means that the device has been tested and certified to perform at the stated specifications and accuracy.

Built-in Mouthpiece
A built-in mouthpiece just needs to be slid out or pushed out of the unit for personal breath testing. An additional mouthpiece can be attached to the built-in mouthpiece to test other people hygienically. A built-in mouthpiece helps to make the unit more convenient without the need to carry additional mouthpieces, especially if the breathalyser will only be used for personal testing.

Passive Test / Fast Mode
An additional mode on the breathalyser that allows you to take a quick test. Typically used if you want just a quick indication of alcohol presence (alcohol detected / no alcohol detected) or when testing multiple people at the same time, without the need to know a specific BAC reading.

Our personal breathalysers carry either a 1 year warranty or 3 years warranty. But all are covered under our Breathalyser Guarantee.

Ease of Use
How easy the breathalyser is to use in terms of its features, such as the built-in retractable mouthpieces on the Verity and Zenith+ breathalysers that make them extra convenient to use, without the need to carry around loose mouthpieces.

Display Visibility
The display screen’s clarity and backlight.

Test Memory
Some breathalysers have the capacity to store test results in its internal memory, on a memory card, or by syncing to an online server.

Data Input
Allows the tester to input details of the subject such as name, department, company, registration number etc.

Touch Screen
The touch screen on the breathalyser enables user-friendly navigation and input of data such as employee details and more.

Some of our breathalysers have optional bluetooth or wired printer options, or built-in printers for printing test results on-the-spot.

Connectivity / Special Features
Bluetooth, USB, WIFI connectivity, and other features that allow data transfer, software updates, and more.

Can be configured to different languages. This will need to be set up by Andatech before purchase.

Option for location tracking in the unit. Location (coordinates) will be recorded in the test results.