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Best breathalysers for workplaces

Best breaathalysers for workplace safety

In previous discussions, we have highlighted the importance of breathalysers for the workplace as they are instrumental tools in detecting employees present at the workplace who are under the influence of alcohol. With this knowledge it mind, it helps safety officials make informed decisions on what to do with employees found guilty and also acts as a deterrent, discouraging employees from consuming alcohol as the chances of getting caught are higher.

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With that being said, different breathalysers are used for different settings. Personal breathalysers are often used for everyday individuals looking to test their blood alcohol content levels in domestic settings. These breathalysers are usually smaller and are not as fast at delivering results. However, personal breathalysers still maintain high levels of accuracy. The best personal breathalysers are ones that utilise fuel cell technology.

Workplace alcohol testers, on the other hand, can be handheld/portable breathalysers or can be mounted on a wall for ease of testing. Some common traits of workplace breathalysers are discussed in the following section.

What makes a workplace breathalyser?

Workplace breathalysers are made for continuous or back-to-back testing to meet the needs of workplace alcohol testing, which usually involves detecting the presence of alcohol in a large number of employees as quickly as possible. Workplace breathalysers should also be using advanced or higher-grade fuel cell technology that is commonly used in police breathalysers (workplace breathalysers are suitable for law enforcement).

A list of characteristics of workplace breathalysers can be seen below:

Fast response and recovery time

Due to the nature of workplace testing, workplace breathalysers should be able to test a high number of employees quickly for efficiency's sake.

Made of durable material to undergo harsh workplace conditions

Some workplace conditions, such as mining or construction sites, make alcohol testing more challenging. The risk of damage to the unit is increased from debris or the possibility of dropping the device. Andatech workplace breathalysers are made of strong material to withstand the conditions of hard workplaces.

Uses advanced fuel cell technology

Fuel cell breathalysers are known to be more accurate than their semiconductor counterparts. Andatech breathalysers utilise advanced fuel cell technology for the most accurate results.

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Includes a memory feature to recall previous tests

For reference purposes, breathalysers used at the workplace should be able to have an internal memory function. Compatibility with data management systems like Andalink can also help streamline the documentation process. 

Comes with dual testing modes

The two modes that are common in breathalysers are the specific testing mode that works by detecting the specific BAC level within an employee and the fast testing mode that simply detects the presence of alcohol within a breath sample. The former can be used to quicken the testing process and is especially useful if an organisation has a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol.

Ease of calibration and minimal downtime

For the most accurate results, breathalyser calibration should be conducted regularly to avoid false readings from happening. The calibration process should be made easy and not cause any downtime, especially for organisations that conduct alcohol breath testing daily.

Now that we’ve identified what makes a workplace breathalyser, here are some of the best breathalysers for workplace use.

Andatech Prodigy S - Best handheld workplace breathalyser

Andatech Prodigy S breathalyser for workplace safety

One of Andatech’s most popular portable workplace breathalysers, the Andatech Prodigy S is built for high-volume testing, has dual testing modes, comes with a Bluetooth printer option and is made from durable material to withstand harsh workplace conditions.

Andatech Prodigy 3 - Most advanced workplace breathalyser

Andatech Prodigy 3 workplace breathalyser

The Andatech Prodigy 3 is the most innovative handheld breathalyser from Andatech. The unit comes with a built-in wide-lens camera, thermal printer, GPS, direct connection to Andalink, and internet capabilities (via WiFi or 4G sim card), among other features. The breathalyser also recently won the Australian Business Awards for Product Innovation.

Soberlive FRX - Best wall-mounted breathalyser

Andatech Soberlive FRX breathalyser for workplaces

This wall-mounted breathalyser, the Soberlive FRX comes with a host of high-tech features, including facial recognition, temperature screening, key management systems and even a door access control system. This unit provides fast testing capabilities and is ideal for office settings.

Andatech ALX 3000 - Best car breathalyser

Andatech ALX3000 interlock car breathalyser

The ALX3000 is an interlock breathalyser that can be installed directly into a vehicle. A passing breath sample needs to be deposited for the engine to start. This helps to prevent drink driving incidents from occurring and keep environments safe and free alcohol alcohol-related accidents.

Andatech Sentry and Sentry X - Best baton workplace breathalyser

Andatech Sentry X breathalyser for workplace safety

For contactless alcohol testing, the Andatech Sentry series of breathalysers is your go-to. These breathalysers have a built-in LED light and can double as a traffic baton or flashlight, which makes them ideal to be used during low-light settings.

To find the right breathalyser for your workplace needs, browse through Andatech’s wide range of workplace breathalysers or speak to us for free consultation, product recommendations, and even on-site drug and alcohol testing!