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Alcohol and Drug Testing Solutions for
Hospitality, Events, F&B and Licensed Venues

One of the most important responsibilities of an establishment that serves alcohol includes preventing drunk driving situations wherever possible. If your customer gets drunk at your establishment, drives home and causes an accident, both the employee who served the customer and the establishment itself could be held legally responsible for letting that customer get behind the wheel of his/her car or get that drunk in the first place. If you practice the responsible serving of alcohol and encourage your customers to take a breath test before they leave, you can help to prevent drink driving.


Andatech offers a range of alcohol and drug testing equipment for licensed venues to offer patrons for personal testing and for employers to screen employees. Our breathalysers are Australian Standards AS3547 certified, easy to use and install and low maintenance. For fixed installation, we highly recommend the Soberpoint 3 breathalyzers that can take unlimited tests between its 6-monthly calibrations. They also utilise a convenient replaceable sensor module that can be removed and returned for calibration. Additionally, the Soberpoint 3 comes with options for coin and cashless payment, helping you to generate extra revenue passively as soon as they are installed. Alternatively, the Andatech Sentry is an excellent breathalyzer for security enforcers, as it can be used to test up to 12 people a minute as well as to detect alcohol in drinks and unconscious subjects. The Sentry also doubles as a baton with LED flashing lights and test results can be exported to a PC for analysis and customer survey.

Our drug and alcohol testing solutions are great for events and all licensed venues. You'll spot our units in casinos, hotels, pubs, bars, sports clubs, restaurants and even parking lots. Browse our drug and alcohol testing equipment below or contact us on 1300 800 200 to speak with our friendly sales team.

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We put all our products through extensive research and testing to ensure the highest level of accuracy, durability and reliability.

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See why we're deemed to be the best breathalyzer brand in Australia with over 700+ positive breathalyzer reviews and testimonials from our customers.

Andatech Guarantee

All our alcohol testers are covered by our Breathalyser Guarantee, which extends the standard warranty on your industrial breathalyzer up to 5 years.

Collection: Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Hospitality Industry

8 products
  • Andatech Soberlive FRX

    Breathalyser with Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition

  • Andatech AccessPoint FRX

    Access Control System with Temperature Screening & Facial Recognition

  • DrugSense DSU7
    Regular price
    Sale price

    Urine drug test kit 
    Tests 7 Drugs - AMP COC K2 BZO MET OPI THC + Alcohol

  • DrugSense DSU11
    Regular price
    Sale price

    Urine drug test kit 
    Tests 11 Drugs - AMP BZO COC K2 MET THC OPI OXY MTD BAR KET + Alcohol

  • DrugSense DSO8 Plus
    Regular price
    Sale price

    Saliva drug test kit 
    Tests 8 Drug Groups - AMP COC K2 BZO OXY METH OPI THC

  • Andatech Sentry
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    Sale price

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Coin

    Public Use Breathalyser that accepts $1 & $2 Coins

  • Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wave

    Public Use Breathalyser that accepts Cashless Payments

Our Andatech breathalyser is a great asset to our business. As a venue with a large crowd of regulars, ensuring they're able to get home safe is a priority - as it means they can come back again and again. The machine is reliable and their service impeccable. Highly recommended.

- Mark Robinson, GH HOTEL

Fantastic Tools
Victoria Police like the idea of breathalysers being there… as a tool, they’re fantastic!


It's a great little machine, nice and compact. Excellent customer service.

- Mark Bucello, ORANGE WHIP

The breathalyser has been a good asset to the bar, used by many. It's great to ensure the safety and wellness of our customers.


Many customers have actually enjoyed using the machine, but also educates them on their intoxication levels at the same time. Very happy.

- E. Naylor, ON TOP BAR

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