Wall mounted breathalyser

Andatech AccessPoint

Wall mounted breathalyser compatible with various control access systems. Fast breath alcohol test before entrance. No mouthpiece required.

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Fast and Accurate Entry Point Breathalyzer

Fuel Cell Breathalyzer

Highly sensitive and accurate, the Andatech AccessPoint is highly effective at helping to enhance and execute workplace OH&S policies efficiently even before an employee steps into the workplace.

Fast Results

Test results are displayed simply as 'Pass' if no alcohol is detected, or 'Fail' if alcohol is detected. Users that pass the breath test are allowed to enter, whereas users that fail the breath test are denied access through the door. The "Pass" range can also be adjusted from 0.01 to 0.09%BAC.

Breath Test Everyone Before Entry

Ideal for all industries

It is ideal for industries where a strict or zero alcohol tolerance policy is observed, such as factories, construction and mining sites, chemical plants, casinos, workplaces that use heavy machinery, laboratories and hospitals, and stadiums.

Install with Any Access Control System

The AccessPoint breathalyser can be installed with turnstiles, automatic doors, speed gates, and any other type of access control system.

Convenient and Easy to Use

No Mouthpiece or Straws Required

The unit is easy for employees to use and can test up to 12 people in 1 minute. Testing is easy as employees only need to blow into the sampling hole - no mouthpieces or straws are required, saving plenty of costs on consumables.

Replaceable Sensor Module

The Andatech AccessPoint has a replaceable fuel cell sensor module, making it highly convenient and easy to use and maintain.

    BAC Range Pass / Fail - 0.000 - 0.400 %BAC
    Sensor Type FxCell3 Fuel Cell Sensor
    Accuracy ± 0.01%BAC at 0.05%BAC
    Warm Up Time 3 seconds ~ 4 minutes
    Response Time 3 - 10 seconds
    Recycle Time 5 seconds
    Working Temperature 5 – 40°C, (Storage: 0 - 50°C)
    Power Supply 12V / 1.5A (power adaptor not supplied)
    Mouthpieces Not required
    Memory Capacity -
    Result Reading Test result is indicated by LED display
    PASS : Green LED (factory set to 0.02%BAC, adjustable to 0.01 - 0.09%BAC.)
    FAIL : Red LED
    Certification No
    Calibration Frequency Unlimited tests, every 6 months
    Display Pass / Fail
    Features replaceable sensor, designed for mass testing
    Includes User manual, brackets, connecting cable including power switch , dust cover for sampling port, screws for assembly
    Product Weight 674g
    Dimensions H: 206mm, W: 108mm, D: 37mm
    Warranty 1 year

    Andatech Accesspoint Entry Point Breathalyser - Fact Sheet

    Andatech Accesspoint Manual