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Portable breathalyser bundle

Get two accurate portable breathalysers for convenient and thorough on-site breath alcohol tests. The Andatech Surety is ideal for specific testing and test record keeping, while the Andatech Sentry is perfect for rapid on-site testing. 
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Kickstart your in-house alcohol breath testing on-site

Get started with alcohol breath testing for your workplace with two accurate portable breathalysers from Andatech. Use the Andatech Sentry for rapid alcohol testing and get quick pass or fail alcohol test results. For failed alcohol test results where alcohol presence is detected, conduct a breath test on the Andatech Surety breathalyser to get specific 3 decimal place alcohol test results. The Andatech Surety and Sentry breathalyser combo is perfect for workplaces to conduct both specific and fast mode testing conveniently and accurately.

  • Andatech Sentry breathalyser passive testing

    Rapid alcohol testing for up to 12 persons per minute

    Baton style portable breathalyser for quick on-site breath alcohol tests of up to 12 tests per minute. Doubles as a traffic baton and flashlight for low lighting environments, and has audible results and alerts. Lifetime Guarantee with regular calibrations.

    Learn more about Andatech Sentry 
  • Blow into the Andatech Surety workplace breathalyser

    Accurate breathalyser certified to Australian Standard AS3547:2019

    Start breath testing your employees with the easy-to-use Andatech Surety. Stores up to 500 alcohol test results internally, or more with an SD card. Lifetime Guarantee with regular calibrations.

    Learn more about Andatech Surety 
Andatech breathalysers lifetime guarantee

Extended Guarantee up to a Lifetime

Calibrate your Andatech breathalyser every 6 months to extend its standard manufacturer's warranty up to a lifetime.

Manage calibration easily with Andatech Calibration Plans

Learn more about Lifetime Guarantee