Improving road safety at the TrafficInfraTech Expo in India

Andatech will be exhibiting at this year’s TrafficInfraTech Expo – Asia’s largest show on Smart and Safe Mobility. Held in Mumbai, India from 25 to 27 October, the expo is designed in tune with the Indian Government’s vision to fast track the traffic infrastructure and break all barriers to provide world class traffic conditions in the country.

The Indian government’s focus in recent years has been to provide fast and safe mobility , and this has given a very big push to the traffic industry. The most recent increase in the Infrastructure budget to $91.938 billion has opened doors to a massive development of traffic and transport infrastructure. Additionally, a huge budget of $48.5 million has also been allocated to road transport and safety.

With the Indian government’s aim to develop roads and highways with the budgets allocated, there is a growing demand for International technologies to be adopted and integrated. The focus is now on multi-modal integration with the emergence of Smart Cities.

Image source: TrafficInfratech Expo

Over the years, TrafficInfraTech Expo has facilitated many international players to enter India, understand the technology requirement and find partners and form joint ventures. The opportunities for one-to-one interaction with the decision makers from both the government and private sectors add great value to the exhibitors and partners.

Andatech will be showcasing our latest products that contribute to traffic and road safety, including the Andatech Sentry, the Andatech BodyCam (Professional), and some of our best breathalysers and drug testing kits.

The Andatech Sentry police breathalyzer and baton specially designed for fast, passive mode testing for security and law enforcement officers. It can test up to 12 people per minute and provides the reading in passive mode as zero-low-high indications. If needed, the Sentry can also be used to provide a specific BAC reading in numerical 2 decimal places. Its multiple features make it an excellent alcohol breath tester for police roadside breath testing and entry-point breath testing such as at events or construction sites.

Our professional police body camera is built specifically for police and law enforcement, featuring built-in GPS and WiFi and AES* encryption. This body worn camera has a heavy duty overmolding casing, designed to be rain and dust proof, highly durable for law enforcers. Designed for long lasting use, the Andatech body camera uses fast charging and lasts up to 7 hours on continuous HD recording. Different from the other models in the market, this Body Camera has a multi-bay docking station that allows up to 8 devices to charge simultaneously.

Andatech will also be showcasing the DrugSense OraScan drug analyser as well. The OraScan ensures accurate interpretation of drug test results by eliminating common user errors (such as using expired test cassettes) and interpretation mistakes (such as oversight of the control line or mistakes in interpreting positive and negative results). With advanced features such as record keeping, built-in printer and data upload via USB, Wifi, or 3G, the OraScan is a crucial device for any application that requires accurate drug testing with no room for error.


Additionally, Andatech will also be showcasing some of our most popular alcohol and drug testing products – the Andatech Prodigy S breathalyser, the DrugSense DSO7 saliva drug testing kit, and the Andatech Soberpoint 3 Wall Mounted breathalyser.

“We look forward to showcasing our products at the TrafficInfraTech Expo next week and to really show our presence in India,” says Jinesh Patel, Andatech’s business development manager in India.

“Andatech’s products are already being used for traffic and law enforcement in other countries and I’m sure they will receive the same warm welcome in India.”

The TrafficInfraTech Expo will be attracting visitors and key decision makers from Government Departments, Enforcement Authorities, Infrastructure Companies, Consultants and the National & International Traffic industry.

The 3-day event also includes a conference with various topics covering mobility, road projects, road safety, new policies, and exciting new technologies for vehicles and traffic management.

The expo will be held at the Bombay Exhibition Center in Mumbai from 25 to 27 October 2018 at 10am to 6pm daily.

Expo visitors can register online or at the event. Entry is free for all expo visitors.

Further details can be found on the event website at trafficinfratechexpo.com