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Safety Solutions | Aug / Sept 2016 (Part 1)



The Andatech Prodigy S breathalyser is suitable for workplace alcohol policies that require comprehensive test records.

It features custom data input, a large internal memory for up to 10,000 tests and centralised data access.

The breathalyser is fast and accurate, boasting an advanced industrial fuel cell sensor, fast warm-up and response times, and Australian Standards AS3547 Certification.

For added accuracy, it conducts a clean air test to detect alcohol residue before each specific test.

Test records can be as comprehensive as required using the breathalyser’s 10 customisable data input fields. Individual fields can be selected for pre-filling, enhancing efficiency especially during mass alcohol testing.

Tests can also be recorded as ‘Refused’ and ‘Discontinued’ after an incomplete test.

Its user-friendly interface, 2.4″ touch screen and stylus pen allow seamless navigation and data input.

Test records can be easily accessed from the breathalyser itself and uploaded to a computer via USB.

In an upcoming software update, records can be uploaded to an online server for centralised access.

With unlimited tests between 6-month calibrations, built-in calibration statistics and calibration reminders, maintaining the breathalyser is also more convenient.

For on-site alcohol testing, the Prodigy S is also available with a wireless Bluetooth printer (optional).


Andatech Pty Ltd


Published in Safety Solutions magazine, Aug/Sept 2016 issue, page 39. View the PDF here.

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